Non-profit & Business Video Reel

Cinematography by Jonathan Jindra

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Transported + Renewed at Silos III: Comunidad & Matriz(x)

Received some documentation from Houston Arts Alliance of my work with artist Ramon Barela projected onto three 60ft silos @ Transported + Renewed at Silos III: Comunidad & Matriz(x). Photos by Pin Lim

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Patrick Renner Collaboration @ Gallery Jatad

Working on a 10 minute piece in collaboration with Patrick Renner to be on display at Gallery Jatad throughout the month of March.

IMG_0781 IMG_0792 IMG_0868 11023200_10153561678138465_1223533147_n

Opening reception: Saturday, March 7, 2015 from
3-6 pm. Gallery hours: Wednesday – Saturday from noon to 6 pm.

Patrick Renner: Cabinet of Curiosities will open at Gallery Jatad on March 5, 2015. Patrick Renner has made his mark on Houston with numerous public sculptures including the award winning Funnel Tunnel that graced Montrose in front of the Art League for more than a year. This multi-faceted exhibition explores Patrick Renner’s roots as an artist. It includes early and recent sculptural work. It includes personal items from the artist’s studio and home. And it includes selected pages from the artist’s personal sketch books. The sculptures and sketch book pages are offered for sale. Patrick Renner has selected tribal objects from the Gallery Jatad inventory that create an intimate conversation with his works in this curated exhibition.

On March 28, 2015 Gallery Jatad will host an artist talk and book signing for Memory Theatre. The book will feature a large selection of pages from the artist’s sketch books, installation photos from this exhibition, and photos of Patrick Renner’s public sculpture projects.

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Balance Your Body Yoga

Beginning work this month with Balance Your Body Yoga to create a 40 minute instructional video for women recovering from breast cancer.

Balance Your Body Yoga

Balance Your Body Yoga

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The Official Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade 2014 Float ‘National Bird’ Documentation

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Commissions & Installations

‘SUSY: Collaborative Collision of Elusive Particles’ August 2010 Cinematography/Editor
‘Newspring Visual Art’ Promo Video -
September 2010 Cinematography/Editor
‘Teen and Family Services’ Video -
February 2011 Cinematography/Editor
‘Alternative Peer Group’ Educational Video – March 2011 Cinematography/Editor
‘Texas Yoga Conference’ Documentation –
April 2011 Cinematography/Editor
‘Thomas Helton – I’ DVD Video art commission –
May 2011 Cinematography/Editor/Director
‘Archway Academy’ Annual Fundraiser Videos – May 2011 – Present Cinematography/Editor/Director
‘Binarium TV’ on UHN 21.6 – 5/2011 – 6/2011 Director/Cinematography/Editor
‘Brazilian Arts Foundation’ Promotional Videos & Festival Documentation – June 2011 – January 2014 Cinematography/Editor/Director
‘Coline’ Music Video – June 2011 – Cinematography/Editor
‘Workshop Houston’ Music Videos - October 2011 – March 2012 Cinematography/Editor/Director
‘cutLoose Hair’ – Sensory Overload Runway Documentation – November 2011 Cinematography/Editor & Video Projections
‘Houston Zoo’ Website Videos - December 2011 Motion Graphics/Co-editor
‘Donkey Paw Screen Co’ Promo Video - Janurary 2012 Cinematography/Editor
‘Houston Parks Board’ - TIGER IV Grant Application – March 2012 Photography
Ecstatic Dance Evolution Houston’ Video – March 2012 Cinematography/Editor
‘American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine’ Video – October 2011 Cinematography/Editor
‘Sandy Ewen / Damon Smith / Weasel Walter’ Music Video - March 2012 Cinematography/Editor
‘Woody Witt’ Live Concert / Video Art commission – May 2012 Cinematography & Editor
The Wedding of Amanda & Timothy – May 2012 Cinematography/Editor
‘MoMs USA’ Wounded Warriors Video – May 2012 Cinematography/Editor
‘Bayou Land Conservancy’ Education & Fundraiser Videos - June 2012-Present Cinematography/Editor
‘The Greatest View’ Music VideoJune 2012 Cinematography/Editor
‘Women in Jazz’ Book Project Promo –
July 2012 Motion Graphics & Cinematography
‘Total Crane’ Promotional Video - July 2012 Motion Graphics & Cinematography
‘Savannah Berry’ Music Video - July 2012 Cinematography/Editor
The Wedding of Sally & John – July 2012 Cinematography/Editor
‘Opera Vista’ Fundraiser Video - August 2012 Cinematography/Editor/Director
‘Emily Sloan: Enlight’ @ Darke Gallery -
 8/31/12 – 9/29/12 – Video Projection Commission
‘Mango Punch’ Live Show Documentation @ TBHOctober 2012 Cinematography/Editor
‘The Prime Task’ Full Length MovieOctober – November 2012 Co-Cinematographer & Co-Editor
‘Dulles Middle School Band’ Video – November 2012 Cinematography/Editor
‘Texas Bottle Bill’ Video Series – October – November 2012 Cinematographer/Director/Editor
‘Raised In The Wild: Memories of a Bad Unicorn’ @ East End Studio Gallery 11/17/12 – Video Projection
Brave New Waves #005 – “A Very Electronic Christmas” – 12/16/12 Video Projection
‘Comeplay Comply Arraycycle’ @ El Rincon Social –
12/29/12 Video Art and Audio Installation
BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME @ Art League Houston – 1/18/13 Video Art Projection
Skylight Music Theater 2013-2014 Season Promotional Video – January 2013 Cinematography/Editor
‘OG Chess’ Music Video – January 2013 Cinematography/Editor
ART CRITIC: Feedback 2013 v.1 end of the Year of the Dragon, Art League Style 1/19/13 Video Art Projection / Sound performance
RATIO: A Group photography Show @ El Rincon Social – 1/26/13 Video Projection
‘Urban Outreach, Inc.’ annual fundraiser video – March 2013 – Cinematography/Editor
No Concept @ EL Rincon Social – 3/30/13 Video Projection
Lifeway International Promotional Video - March 2013 Editor
‘John Cooper School’ Concert Documentation – March 2013 Cinematography/Editor
Tango Cielo Fundraiser VideoApril 2013 Cinematography/Editor
[re]Fuse: inoraganic electronic manipulations @ Fitzgeralds’s -
 4/11/13 Video Art Projections w/ Sandy Ewen
Project GRAD Video - April 2013 Cinematographer
Dona Nobis Pacem @ Alice Tully Hall in New York City, NY – 5/12/13 Video Projection, Commission by Oregon State University
Error Forest @ El Rincon Social – 6/19/13 Performance, Video & Audio Installation
JPMorgan Chase – 712 Main St. – Video Brochure – July 2013 Co-Cinematographer
‘Texas Regional Fortune Center’ Video Brochure – August 2013 Co-Cinematography/Editor
‘Katy Prairie Conservancy’ VideosOctober 2013-Present Co-Cinematography/Editor
Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade 2013 Highlights - November 2013 Cinematography/Editor
‘Tresymedio Publicidad’ Cullen Theater Documentation - December 2013 Cinematography
‘Light Art’ & ‘MAKE’ Documentation at FPH New Years -
January 2014 Cinematography/Editor
‘CES Performance’ Video – February 2014 Co-Cinematographer
‘Niño Villaneuva’ Artist Profile – March 2014 Cinematography
‘Arts Alive!’ Promo Video – March 2014 Cinematography/Editor
‘Anthony Russ’ Artist Profile - April 2014 Cinematography/Editor
Kraig Amps Promo – April 2014 Cinematography/Editor
‘Patrick Renner’ Artist Profile - April 2014 Cinematography/Editor
‘Christopher Rockaway’ Artist Profile – April 2014 Cinematography/Editor
‘Jeska’ Studio Performance Documentation – May 2014 Cinematography/Editor
‘Elephant Music Productions’ Promo – May 2014 Cinematography/Editor
‘MAKE’ Music VideoMay 2014 Co-Cinematographer/Motion Graphics
‘Sole Purpose’ & ‘Idea 93′ Show Opening DocumentationMay 2014 Cinematography/Editor
Sarah ReemStudio Performance DocumentationMay 2014 Cinematography/Editor
Break Free Community Center – May 2014 Co-Cinematographer
War’Hous presents: 3rd Annual Star Wars Art Festival! Highlight ReelJune 2014 Cinematographer/Editor
‘Re’Al’ Music Video – June 2014 Cinematography/Editor/Director
‘LeeLonn’ @ Stereo Live DocumentationJuly 2014 Cinematography/Editor
‘Sex, Lies, Pills: A Documentary on Long-term AIDS Survivors’ Full Length Film – July 2014 – Current Cinematography/Director/Editor
Right Here, Right Now, Houston @ Contemporary Arts MuseumAugust 2014 – Video Art Piece Commission
The Wedding of Danny & Carrie Lynch – September 2014 Cinematographer/Editor
Proterra @ AFTA 2014 Conference - November 2014 Cinematographer/Editor
Charge Practicum @ Art League Houston Documentation – November 2014 Cinematographer/Editor
Silos III: Comunidad & Matriz(x) Buffalo Bayou Silos Series as part of Transported + Renewed / Co-sponsored by Buffalo Bayou Partnership – November 2014 Projections
Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade 2014 Highlights - November 2014 Cinematography/Editor
N. Darlene Walker & Associates – Understanding ‘Reasonable Accommodations’ under the ADA - December 2014 Cinematography/Editor

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Sex, Lies & Pills

Sex, Lies, Pills: A Documentary on Long-term Survivors of HIV/AIDS is a full length documentary filmed and edited in collaboration with The Fight AIDS For Life Foundation currently in production to be released in February 2015.

Cinematography by Jonathan Jindra & Daniel Salazar
Edited by Jonathan Jindra


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